On-Site Engraving + Calligraphy

Interested in on-site engraving and/or calligraphy in the NYC/NJ/CT area? 

Engraving is perfect for brand activations, product launches, experiential events and custom gifts for life’s most special moments.

Engraving adds a permanent touch that will last and guests love! 

Engraving can be done on a variety of unique surfaces - a few popular items are fragrance bottles, wine glasses and bottles, to name a few.

All engraving is done with a small, simple and elegant professional level engraver with minimal noise. This allows it to be a perfect activation that drives consumer engagement while also curating a unique experience for guests. 

If you are interested in booking for on-site event engraving, calligraphy or a custom gift, please inquire below. I will get back to you within 24 hours! 

 Recent Work:  


JJPaperieCo_NYCEngraver_CTEngraver_OnSiteEngraving JJPaperieCo_NYCEngraver_CTEngraver_OnsiteEngraving

 JJPaperieCo_NYCEngraver_CTEngraver_OnsiteEngraving JJPaperieCo_NYCEngraver_CTEngraver_OnsiteEngraving





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