Tips on Transitioning to WFH

Tips on Transitioning to WFH

I had a whole list of blog topics to post this year, but given the circumstances we’re in, I wanted to share a few tips on transitioning to a work from home lifestyle. I have always loved the idea of WFH because well, who wants to commute? Doesn’t it sound appealing to just walk 10 steps and be in your office? There are times I do miss slacking my co-workers, “want to go for a walk?” “Meet me in the kitchen in 5!!” But I also like being on my own schedule with my own to-do list. So, here are my tips on how to transition from your office job to a WFH lifestyle!

  1. Have a Routine

    • I cannot say this enough! My husband has been loving sleeping in until 9am and logging in after around 9:30am, but I personally am a morning person and like getting the household things done in the AM, working out, and starting my day around 10am. This is actually when I’d start work at my office job, so with the extra time I have with no commute, I use that to workout & do any home-things that need to get done. I also try my best to NOT check email first thing in the AM. I use asana to keep my days organized and have started time blocking on a calendar to really keep me in check.

  2. Take a Break

    • I admit that I would literally block off time on my calendar at work and schedule when I’d go outside for a 30 min walk and/or just get air. I know MANY people who would not leave their desk during the day because they were “too busy.” I’m not going to critic anyone that does this, but stepping away from the computer for 10-15 minutes is good for you & your mental health. Was I able to walk away every day for 30 min? No, but I would at least step away from my computer every so often, take a walk around the office or even head to a different floor to take a break. Now that I get to work from home, I still like to block off time for when I go outside for 30 min or more. I have that choice where I can determine if it will be longer or shorter. If I would take advantage of blocking time off at my office job, there is no reason why I shouldn’t be doing that now!

  3. Make Your Office Space Separate From Your Home

    • I am lucky enough to have a separate den in our apartment that I have converted to my office. I know many people in NYC and Hoboken don’t have the space, but I definitely recommend separating your home & office from each other, if you can. This can be a section of your kitchen, a corner in your living room - anywhere that you have a table & chair. I don’t recommend the couch being your go-to because after a few hours you will eventually convert into a couch potato and never move (jk kinda) Plus, would you really want your place of relaxation to become where you also work? Not for me!

  4. Drink Water and Eat

    • A lot of us run on coffee, but I also recommend and make sure that you also run on water! I would constantly get up to fill my water bottle all the time at work, and sometimes now I do forget to drink water or feel like I don’t drink nearly enough. We all know that drinking water is important for your health - so just remember to get up, fill your water bottle & drink up! Easy & simple. Also, don’t forget to eat! It can be easy to work through lunch and skip a meal, but always remember to eat & keep yourself fueled.

  5. Sign Off

    • Easier said than done! But it’s really important to make sure you designate time to sign off and enjoy that time away from work. Designate “working hours” so you don’t have to work into the night or move from your office to the couch and continue. Of course, do what is best for you! But taking a break and signing off will be beneficial for you and allow you to rest & continue your work the next day.

I have learned a lot since working from home and what works best for me. At the end of the day, do what works best for you! I do suggest you try some of these out to keep yourself on a schedule and would love to hear any tips you may have for me!

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