4 POD Sites that Integrate with Etsy

4 POD Sites that Integrate with Etsy

Here is a quick list of the platforms that sync to your Etsy shop! I’ve shared a brief background on why you may want to test out Print on Demand before buying a ton of product.

What is Print on Demand? If you’re looking to offer products or add another stream of revenue, you can consider print on demand. This means that you can create your own artwork, upload it then have a third-party handle the production and shipping of the items.


  • The upside of POD is that you do not need to handle the sourcing and/or actually carry inventory

  • You can offer a variety of products all at once and not just one which is great if you want to offer a handful of items to your customers without having to purchase a ton of inventory

  • You can control the price but each platform has a base price so you don’t get to keep ALL the profits, just a percentage but you can control it.

    • Ex: $10 notepad base price + $10 (your profit) = $20 (retail cost - cost customer will purchase for)


  • The downside is you do not get to see the quality of the product before it’s shipped out and depending on who you work with

  • You may not be able to brand your products so it drives brand awareness for YOU

  • High recommend getting a few samples of items you want to sell so that you can see the quality of them before you decide to offer them

  • The profit is not much - you can earn MUCH more on these platforms instead of sites like Redbubble, Zazzle or Society6, assuming you do not have a huge follow and are just starting out.

Popular Print on Demand Websites

All of these include a TON of products - anywhere from mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, prints and more. It will save you a lot of time in the long run to go through each of the platforms, check out their products (and reviews if available) and find the products you are happy with! Take the time to vet them out, check out the pricing and what works for you. The best part is that these do integrate with Etsy so you can pick your products and sync them to your Etsy account and likely your website as well, if you have one!

Hope this helps & feel free to reach out!


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