Setting Up My New Studio Space

Setting Up My New Studio Space

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Hello! If you are new around here, welcome! I recently moved into a new studio space in my building and wanted to give it a bit of a facelift! My goal is to create a welcoming and warm creative space for others to gather (whether it's a workshop or meetup), shop some JJ Paperie & Co goodies and of course where I get to work!

Making it warm, inviting and functional was a big priority for me and here are a few things I ordered from Office Depot OfficeMax to make it feel more productive.   




Quartet® Infinity™ Unframed Magnetic Glass Calendar Whiteboard I'm a paper person and that means I love writing things down. I wanted a new calendar that I could have enough space to write things in and didn't have to squeeze it in there. This was the perfect size and it was simple enough that it would match any decor I ended up doing in my new space. It comes with a marker so you're basically ready to jot down your monthly dates in there asap. 




Realspace® Modern Comfort Winsley Bonded Leather Manager's Chair I originally got my old chair from Home Goods but this time I wanted one that was a bit comfier. I ended up ordering this white one because the reviews were pretty good, I knew I wanted something nicer and of course, comfortable. I also liked this that chair has a few different settings for the height if I do choose to get a new desk at any point. It was also super easy to assemble and I am so far very happy with it! 


TUL® GL Series Retractable Gel Pens Colorful pens makes writing things down way more fun! If you were a kid that loved shopping for back to school items and getting colorful pens were a treat then you'll understand why these are a must. These glide on the paper easily and have a little sparkle to make things *fun.* Work can be fun guys don't forget! 


Samsung 27" Full HD LED Monitor I go back and forth between my computer and iPad when it comes to designing and for the longest time I used an old monitor as my second screen. It was time to upgrade from my old one to a new one and I ended up with a Samsung monitor. It was the perfect size for my desk and a super quick setup. I like to see things more closely so having a second monitor was something I was really happy to get to make my design process simpler and less hunching and squinting. 



Realspace® P20 Standing Desk Converter With USB And Keyboard Tray This was kind of a bonus for me! I initially thought I would need a new desk that has that setting to go up/down but then I came across this one that is simple enough to install on top of your existing desk. You can adjust the height and transform your desk into a standing desk! I also have an L shape desk which made this easier to have one section be simple and the other side be more of a standing desk area when I wanted to change up my seating arrangement.


So there you have it! A few new items I got to make my workspace more productive and functional for the new year. You can shop everything from my office space right here at Office Depot OfficeMax!

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