If you aren’t familiar with the term “POD” or Print on Demand then I’m here to share a little tidbit on it.

Print on Demand or “POD” is another way to offer product to your customers without having to carry the inventory at home. There are a number of pros and cons on this but from my personal experience, I do find it helpful when you are just starting out in product. It allows you to test run a few items that sell and also figure out what items you do want to sell. While you will need to do your part in researching each of the POD sites below, these are the ones I have tried and recommend.




Each of these offer similar products and/or offer something unique that the other may not. You will need to do some research to see if they carry what you are looking for.

One of the major downsides in POD sites is you cannot always check quality of each product and sometimes you may not be able to brand your packaging. Some sites like Zazzle, Redbubble and Society6 do not allow you to brand the items under your business name. If you are mostly interested in creating work and not focused on building that brand recognition then these may be great options for you!

If you are mostly focused on creating a brand, I would try to stick with POD sites that allow you to include your branding on there. There may be a small fee but at the very least, you can let your customers know they got their item from your store instead of Zazzle (also nothing wrong with that, just depends what you are looking to do!)

I’ll be sharing more tips on POD but hope this is a start to those that are truly new to this space!

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