Ideas on how to Decorate Your Kitchen Counter

It's that time of the year when we begin to change out our closets, add some new decorations to our living room and kitchen and really get into the fall and winter season! Whether you live in an apartment, dorm room or house, these are some simple ideas on how to decorate your kitchen counter!

We know the kitchen can either be your favorite place to hangout or your least, so why not make it look extra cute while you cook? 



Recipe Book Holder 

This is a 2 for 1 for anyone that loves to cook! This light bamboo recipe book holder from Ikea is convenient, clean looking and minimal. If you are more into the minimalist style, this is a perfect option. It's also light and economical - so not pricey and easy to move around. Even if you don't really love to cook this recipe book is perfect to add any recipes you get from subscriptions boxes and your iPad. 



Tea Towels / Kitchen Towels 

Tea towels & kitchen towels are the most fun and easy ways to quickly rotate your kitchen without really doing too much or adding more. These are both convenient since you actually use them, come in a variety of patterns and really create the mood for your kitchen. Our newest tea towel options are perfect to add to your kitchen and have placed next to your sink, stove or anywhere else! Options from X _ X and X. 



Spoon Rest

If you use a bunch of utensils while you cook, changing up your spoon rest to a more seasonal one is quick and fun way to add a touch of color to your kitchen. This one from Anthropologie (of course!) is a subtle sweet one that is a great option with it's dainty and delicate flowers. You may even want to use it all year round. 


Adding a touch of greenery or flowers to your kitchen counter is another way to add some delight to your kitchen. You can purchase a few mini bud vases from Michaels or use any mason jars you currently have. You can purchase flowers from your local flower shop, buy faux greenery or florals from a local craft store or even take a walk and grab some loose greenery (my fave way). Whichever way you chose, this one is guaranteed to add a sweetness to your kitchen counter. 

Stack of Recipe Books 

This one is a classic favorite for many. For me, it's a stack of kitchen recipe books I have been gifted or bought myself. This can be any of your favorite books, make sure they are relatively the same size and/or are stacked according to size (small to large from top to bottom) 


There you have it! A few quick and minimal ways to add some color and charm to your kitchen counter this season. 


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