How to Support Small Businesses during Small Business Week

How to Support Small Businesses during Small Business Week

Did ya know? It's Small Business Week! If you are looking to support your local community or trying to better understand the impact you are making with your purchase, here are ideas: 

Why Shopping Locally Is Important

1) It helps create community 

  • You know when you pop into your fave coffee shop and they already have your order to go? You end up building a relationship with your favorite shops since you probably encounter the same faces often and you are at that first name bases. 

2) Supports Local Jobs 

  • When a business is doing well, they are able to offer more jobs to others in the community. The more you support your local business, the more they can offer to your community with new opportunities and improve on any areas they need to create a better experience for you. 

3) Brighten's Someone's Day (no brainer!) 

  • This is an automatic YAY when you shop locally or with any small business. Trust me, it really brings each business owner tons of joy when you choose their product for yourself or gift to others. 

& if you find yourself wanting to support another way, here are ideas you can do that too! 

1) re-sharing their content 

2) Like + Share their posts on Instagram

3) Save their posts on Instagram  

While many businesses may not rely just on Instagram for marketing their products, helping drive brand awareness and sharing their products with your friends and family is incredibly helpful and helps spread the word!

Easy enough right? Whether you purchase your next coffee at the local coffee shop or head to that local boutique to buy your friends housewarming gift, your purchase goes a long, long way. 

Thank you for shopping with us too! Always means the WORLD to know you loved something over at JJ Paperie & Co to gift for yourself or loved one.

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