How to Refresh Your Home Office

Looking to update your office with a quick refresh? Here are 3 tips to reorganize your home office and give it that refresh take! 

1. Declutter 

It' time for a refreh! Look at your current desk/cabinets/shelves, etc. situation and go through what you actually use and don't. Start with small piles indicating which one is your KEEP / TBD / GO 


2. Re-organize 

Now that you know what you actually use and need, re-organize how you have it setup! This will make it feel FRESH and new and perhaps even find a better setup for your computer, laptop, notebook, etc. 


3. Something New 

Not mandatory, but encouraged! With Spring here, this is the best time in some fresh flowers from your local flower shop or even outside. Candles are also a great way to bring in some fresh air and freshen up your office vibe. Looking to add some new stationery? Grab a colorful notepad that brings some delight into your day! 


There you have it! 3 easy ways to organize your home office into a refreshing space you love to work in! 

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