This Month's Faves: Founder's Edition

This Month's Faves: Founder's Edition

It's already the middle of the month and here are some things I've found this month, loved & wanted to share with you! 


After we left Hoboken (miss you), my husband and I started to learn how to COMPOST! It's actually kinda tricky but here is the little bin we got to get us started. We have it placed right on our kitchen counter for now. If anyone knows some composting resources, I am ALL ears. 



I love Swedish dish towels so much because they are significantly more useful and help you use significantly less paper towels (approximately 17 rolls!). Imagine just using 1 thing and not having it occupy a whole shelf in your home. My friend Jess offers these in her shop and I think they are SUPER cute, functional and practical. My favorite kinda things! Grab yours here

This Month's Book - How to Be a Conscious Eater 

I'm trying to get back into reading physical books (my friends have a monthly book club that they have been GREAT at) but I wanted to try this one instead. If you're curious on how to be a conscious eater (not a diet book) and how what you eat impacts the environment then this book is for you! It's educational and helps you better understand why picking certain foods and meats are better or worse for the environment. 


That's it! A sweet and simple round up of what I'm loving this month. Have you read or tried these yet?  

P.S. I partner with affiliate platforms where commission may be earned based on clicks and or purchases, and if you choose to purchase via these links, I truly appreciate it! These are things I personally love and use myself.

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