Creating a Cozy Workspace at Home

Creating a Cozy Workspace at Home

Hey friend! 

It's been a gloomy July over here, BUT I've been trying to make sure I always create an inviting workspace to get into the zone! A few quick tips on creating a cozy and productive space even in the worst of weather! 


Duh! You'll (likely) need your laptop for work so before we get all cozy don't forget this essential! 


Grab your favorite notebook to write down all those thoughts and to-do's! Our favorite go-to has been the Have Fun Today Notebook! You can pick between dotted, bullet, lined OR blank! Everyone has their own way of working so having a few options is KEY. 


Sip your fave coffee and get the day started! Whether you make it from home, love Starbucks or Dunkin, grab the drink that gets you started for the day! My recent favorite has been Brueggers Hazelnut Coffee - YUM! 


I'm 100% a candle fan and I love burning them all year round. Grab your favorite one to set the vibe of your day with one that is your favorite smell. I TRULY believe that setting your day with full intention and surrounding yourself with items that make you happy help you have a super productive AND fun day! 

For some inspo, check out this REEL here! 

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