5 Office Must Have's at Work

5 Office Must Have's at Work

We know that working in an office cubicle can either be dreary or totally OK! Depending on what industry you work in, you may be able to make your office space pretty exciting and add a little more *color* to it! Here are some quick ideas on how to bring more life to your office desk. 

1) Colorful Stickies

Yes! Colorful stickies are probably one of the easiest ways to make your desk have a pop of color and of course, quickly jot down a task or anything that slips your mind! These are also great to have right on your screen as a quick reminder, affirmations, or even just a quick tutorial that you want to remember. 

2) Colorful Pens 

Bring back colorful pens! Colorful pens are SO fun and can make note taking a little bit more bright. While we do live in a time that writing on a computer is much faster, there is something special and fun about writing down notes in color! You can even color coordinate your pens based on your tasks, notes, etc. 

3) Notepad 

Colorful stickes are great to have at your desk, but when you need to head to a meeting and/or simply need more room to write down your to-do's, a large or small notepad is a perfect choice. Choose a notepad that is fun and has a motivational or witty quote. Besides being a tool to get you through your day, you'll love crossing off your to-do's! Check out some favorites here

4) Photos 

Bring photos of your friends, family, significant other or even a beautiful photo from a recent trip or quote. Having this displayed in front of you is always a nice touch and can bring you a moment of happiness when you look at it. 

5) Faux (plants)

Plants! This has been the year of plants so why not bring some real mini plants to your office or faux ones! Some options can be airplants, greenery like eucalyptus, mini pampas gras and any other type of dried plants. These will last you a long time and relatively inexpensive.   

Bonus: a candle! 

Ok, so this is totally dependent on where you work but if you're able to bring in a small candle then definitely do! It will automatically bring a nice and pleasant smell to your office space. Please ALWAYS be sure to turn this off if you ever walk away for a long period of time for safety! If you arent able to bring in a candle which I would double check, using incense is also a nice way to bring in a pleasant and calming scent into you office space. 


There you have it! Some quick & easy decor ideas to make your cubicle space more FUN! 

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