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3 Easy Sustainability Swaps for Your Home Kitchen

Ever since moving to our house a little over a year ago, I've been trying to find more ways to minimize our plastic usage and easy swaps that we could do for the long-haul. Here are a few of my favorites!



Honestly, I am a HUGE fan of these simply because they are purposeful and can replace approximately 17 rolls of paper towels. The last few years I've been trying to buy less paper towel and when I learned about Swedish Dish Towels, I knew I found the perfect alternative. These are also great because most often they also come with an adorable print, pattern or design so you have something that is functional and cute. I generally only use them to wipe down the counters whether due to a spill or just a little refresher.


.    I generally shop locally for these, but here is a cute one from Three Blue Birds



You know when you go to the grocery store and you buy a few veggies and each one has their own little bag? Instead of using these plastic bags, I recently purchased reusable produce bags. It comes in a set of 3 size bags, small, medium and large so you have different options based on what veggies you're getting that day. Also, they of course, come with a cute design on the front which makes grocery shopping a litttle bit more fun. Now, the thing I will NEED to make sure I remember is to bring them with me each time I head to the grocery store! If you can't find these bags at your local gift shop, you can always use a reusable bag! I love these produce bags because it helps keep me a little bit more organized while I shop and not have a jumble of things in my bag. 




OK! Bear with me, I am really just getting into composting and what I DO know is that I toss anything from veggie scraps, ground coffee, fruit scraps, egg shells into this little bin. I don't put leftovers or anything that was actually cooked. Here is the one we have that is perfect to start with and in our home! 



You don't need too much to really get started on making your home a bit more eco-friendly and I hope my suggestions guide you in some way to your own eco-friendly journey. The main goal is to start and do what works best for you & your lifestyle.

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