Why & How to Shop Small This Season

Can you believe Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner? Next week will be Thanksgiving and then December - crazy!

However, before I skip ahead into Christmas, there is an important date right after Thanksgiving called Small Business Saturday. If you want to shop small this year and want to know how to support local businesses here is a quick guide and how and why. 

When did Small Business Saturday start? 

Small Business Saturday was an initiative started by American Express in 2010 as a way to encourage consumers to shop local and support their local communities. Over the last 10 years, this has transformed into a movement and there is more awareness in supporting your shopping local. 

Why Shop Small? 


When you shop small you are supporting 1) your local community 2) a dream and 3) providing more opportunities for jobs to be created within your town. You are also providing resources for the store or business to re-invest in other businesses to support them. It's a cycle! 

This is not to say NEVER shop or Target or Amazon, it is definitely important to consider shopping within your local communities and contributing in some way. These local shops also bring more community within them and you'll probably feel part of their community the more you frequent too! 

How to support local (even if your town doesn't have a ton of shops)? 

I lived in a small-business driven town called Hoboken, NJ and recently moved out to the suburbs of CT. I miss the local shops A LOT and our current town doesn't have a ton of small shops. So, here are a few places you can check out in case you may not have a lot of local shops in your area.

Shop 1 in 5 Directory 

Radical Girl Gang 



Whether you're still educating yourself on why to shop small or how to support, your on-going support to shopping small goes a long way! 


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