Want to learn calligraphy? Here is how you can use it today.

If you are curious about calligraphy or want to know how you can use it today then I have some easy and simple ways to get you started and have shared them below with you! 

Home DIY Projects

There are several DIY projects you can do with calligraphy. Below are some easy, affordable and useful projects you can do at home - 

  • Have fun designing your notebook with a beautiful header written out in calligraphy
  • Use chalkboard paint and create your own menu or visual weekly planner 
  • If you garden, you can make your own signs for every item you planted 
  • Have guests coming over? Create fun little stands with what you are serving written out nicely

If there is a surface, there really are endless options you can do and make them more fun and exciting with calligraphy and make those small details stick out a bit more. 


I started my own calligraphy journey back in 2018 when I got engaged and wanted to learn calligraphy to work on the day of details (place cards, mirror, etc). If you have a friend that is getting married, you can ask them if you can help with a few ideas below: 

  • place cards (can be paper or something fun like acrylic place cards)
  • seating chart (these are commonly done on mirrors but you can definitely have your own spin on this) 
  • table numbers 
  • wedding favor signage 

Depending on your comfort level and if you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator, you can also digitize your letterings to put it on paper and create menus and much more for them or yourself. 

If you are curious about generating income with calligraphy and if it's possible, I'm here to tell you it is. I have built my own business from calligraphy and it stemmed into various revenue streams and opportunities since then!

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