Podcasts to Listen to as a Creative Entrepreneur

If you're a new (creative) business entrepreneur, you'll love these podcasts below. I've listened to several podcasts and awhile a lot of them are really good, the below are perfect for those that are more product based with a sprinkle of service and productivity to really round it out!

The Product Boss

This is one is my absolute favorite podcasts, ever. Jacqueline and Minna are two female entrepreneurs seeking to help other entrepreneurs create and build their dream life. They really focus on more product based businesses and in my opinion, it is one of the best ones. Whether they are sharing tips, inspirational stories from other female founders or general advice - you will find a handful of great information in their podcast. They also go live every Wednesday for a morning chat with their community. 

Crush the Rush 

This is a new one by Holly Marie Haynes and once I discovered she shared productivity & organizational tips, I knew it was a perfect fit! Being a productivity and organization lover myself, I actually hadn't come across many podcasts on this topic of being productive and organized in your business. She is a mom, has a full-time job AND another business - so her ability to manage so much and share about it is SO helpful. The key thing with her podcast is learning to make time for what you want to focus on for your business and your life. 

Dreams to Plans Podcast 

I love the Dreams to Plans podcast when I want a good and honest chat about being a business owner. It's two best friends sharing their experiences as they build their own businesses while sharing tips on building community and valuing yourself and your time. I consider this one a #toughlove podcast and can really keep you in check. As a new creative business owner, it's easy to really get wrapped up in what others are doing, how much they are charging, etc. and once you hear the tough love from these ladies, you'll really remember why you started your business and what you want from your life. 

Proof to Product 

This is really directed to the paper goods industry and wholesale world! So if you are offering greeting cards, notepads or anything like that - I would check the Proof to Product podcast. This was one of the first and only podcasts I could find when I was learning about wholesale and Katie Hunt is the founder who shares a LOT of great information on how to get started. 

So there you have it! A list of some podcasts to get you started in your creative business journey as a product-based business. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out! It is a learning curve in becoming an entrepreneur but the one thing to remember is no two paths are the same - just take it all in!


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