What to Do During Memorial Day Weekend  - Last Minute Edition:

What to Do During Memorial Day Weekend - Last Minute Edition:

Are you a last minute person who didn't plan a full weekend away Memorial Day weekend? Here are some ideas! 

1. Host a BBQ 

  • Head to the grocery store, BJ's or Costco to grab some buns, hot dogs, hamburgers and some greens! Gather some friends who also didn't make plans this weekend and take this as a nice time to catch up. 
  • Dessert ideas? Ice cream + s'mores if you have a firepit. You can buy everything in bulk if you have a BJs or Costco card but if you don't, try to get an accurate head count so you aren't spending tooo much or have too much food left over. 

2. Grab a day pass and head to your local beach, lake or pool! If you live in a town that has a beach, you should have access to it as long as you are a resident (you may have to pay the seasonal fee and/or day pass if you are not a resident). You can also head to your local lake or public pool too if your town has one. This is a great way to get outside, spend some time by the water and feel like you are away! 

3. Unplug and enjoy real in life company! While it's great to take photos and Instagram everything going on around you, it's also nice to unplug and be present with whoever you're spending time with. Whether you end up at a beach, park, or your apartment front stairs, spending quality time with friends and family is something you want to enjoy. 

Have a great weekend!

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