How to Make a Flower Press at Home

How to Make a Flower Press at Home

Hi there!

Over this long weekend, I wanted to make something for myself. While I get to create pretty frequently for work, I don't always have the chance to make something just for fun. So, I decided to make a flower press and wanted to share the tools + tips on how you can make one right at home!



- Lowe's Wood (3/4-1 inch wood) 

- Carriage Bolts + Wing Nuts 

- Drill 

- Parchment paper 

- Flowers + Greenery 



First, you'll need to grab wood from Lowe's or your local shop that is similar and head to the lumbar section, pick your wood (at least 1 inch thick). 

You are able to have their associates cut the wood, so I asked them to cut mine in half! It is a little on the larger side but I'm OK with that since I can put a lot of greenery in there. One side will be the top and the other will be for the bottom. 


Grab 4 carriage bolts + wing nuts that are the same size to one another. I grabbed 1/4 - 4 which basically means it's 1/4 in wide and 4 inches long. You can choose how long you want yours to be, but I prefer a little longer to allow adding a few layers. These will go on each corner of the wood. 

I suggest using wing nuts so you can tighten it yourself without a tool. 10/10 recommend. 


Drill! So you will definitely want to make sure you have a drill beforehand. Align your boards together and slowly begin to drill on each corner, I would give yourself about 1 inch or so away from the actual corners. Make sure you go slowly so you can keep the boards aligned. You will do this on each of the corners. 


Insert the carriage bolts in (through both pieces of wood) and add the wing nuts after to tighten! You'll do this for each corner. 


The FUN part! Add parchment paper (to size of your wood board) if you can and place you greenery / florals on top. You can also place another piece of parchment, newspaper or cardboard on top. From there, you can place the top wood and tighten the wing nuts to close your press! 

That's it! You can stain this if you'd like but I kept it simple and left it as is. 

Hope you enjoy this little tutorial on creating your own Flower Press at home! If you rather purchase one, Etsy has a LOT of cute ones! 

p.s. Here is a look #BTS on how this came together! 

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