How to Get Started with On-Site Events

How to Get Started with On-Site Events

Hello! I've been getting more asks about on-site events and how to get started with them. So I wanted to start sharing more of my own experience here with you for those that are curious about it and general Q's that come up. So let's begin!


Do you need to know calligraphy to get started? 

In my opinion, not really. You can do on-site events and be great at the more "block lettering" style vs. script. I already knew calligraphy and felt much more comfortable doing this style on-site than block lettering. However, it does help when you know both as there are events where clients want a few options for their guests. I would say 90% of my events are in calligraphy style but I have recently been doing a lot more block styling so it doesn't hurt to know both. 

Do I need to know a specific style of calligraphy?

Definitely not. Honing in and "discovering your style" is something that has been drilled into my head since I began my business. It is true, your style naturally evolves as you practice more. However, I have noticed clients do like more "formal" calligraphy such a copperplate or spencerian. I took Sarah Script's Class (book also available here) and have added elements of copperplate into my work today. I have never really been a hard "rule" follower so will you see perfect letters all the time? No, but will they still be charming? YES. 

What do I offer for on-site events? 

SO there are a few areas you can cover when it comes to events. See below: 

If you are already doing calligraphy...

you can begin offering on-site calligraphy for brands. People do hire for influencer events, dinner parties, thank you cards, place cards, etc. 

then you can begin offering

  • Engraving 
  • Gold foiling 

If you are mostly a painter you can also work on-site too, here are some ways

  • Bottle painting (fragrance bottles, perfumes, etc) 
  • Live painting at stores/weddings of guests 
  • Leather painting 

So these are some areas you can think about that you may enjoy doing. A few things to keep in mind as you figure out what you want to offer is - 

  • What would you like to be hired for? Ideally, multiple times! 
  • What are you comfortable doing already? This is probably the easiest and quickest way to get into events without having to fully learn something totally brand new. 

If you have any questions, please reach out! You can get in touch at 

Have fun learning!! 


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