How to Design a Product - What to Expect

Hello! I wanted to share a bit more on how I went from a calligrapher to a product designer and have started my own stationery & home line + now have product in 18+ shops in the US + Canada!  

A little back story before so you have a better idea of my point of view and experience...

- I am not a formally trained artist and/or graphic designer 

- I initially started my business to pursue calligraphy (weddings + workshops specifically)

- COVID did pivot a lot of my initial plans and accelerated my learning process and I indirectly added a few revenue streams

- While I am not formally trained (degree in either art or design) I DID invest in a number of resources + watched a ton of videos on Skillshare - so I guess you can say I am semi-self taught but also took a bunch of classes

I wanted to share this first because many people think you need to be an artist or already know how to use a certain program before you can enter the territory! I'm here to tell you you do not. The learning curve is hard, kinda sucks and you instantly want to see your work look just like that person you follow on IG who has been working at it for YEARS. My best advice is don't do that and try to enjoy learning your style, preference + technique.

So what to expect when you're really starting from the beginning?

Your work will change, your technique will progress and your style will begin to shine. You will need to practice and dedicate time to better developing your drawing skills, color picking, layout and more. One of the biggest time consuming but most fun will be the creative work and lean into creating things that are fun for you when you start - start with simple lines, dots, hearts, etc. What will take you the longest? Probably researching manufacturers and where to get things printed and made. However, allow yourself time and try to enjoy the process. I've rushed through learning and implementing as much as I could and while that has benefited me, I am also going back to certain areas so I can be a stronger creative and business owner. 

What's next? I'll go over picking colors and resources that are helpful in this part next week!


This is one of my FIRST cards ever - it was initially hand-drawn and I was putting it together in illustrator (totally botched way) and trying my best. A floral shop in the town I was in then purchased a few for their shop and that was my slow introduction to wholesale.This is one of the 3 cards I initially made and they currently are hanging on my wall as a sweet memory!

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