How to Decorate Your Home for Autumn

How to Decorate Your Home for Autumn

It's the first full week of September and we've already started to decorate our home with all things F-A-L-L! Whether you're not ready to let go of the summer vibes or are ready to switch gears into the fall season; here are some ways to ease into the fall season with festive yet simple décor and swaps!

1. Candles

YES! Fall candles are finally here and I am very, very excite for my seasonal swap into pumpkin-fall smelling candles. My favorite candles is a from a local candle shop Earth & Wick who have recently launched their fall candles! Cider donuts anyone? Shop here.


2. Kitchen Towels 

Besides creating a cozy fall space by smell, I love incorporating new seasonal kitchen towels that feel just like fall visually too! One of my favorite swaps is to change out my summer kitchen towels for more fall-looking ones. We have a new release coming soon but you can shop last years classics right here. Whether you want something more traditional like this striped one or festive like this dancing pumpkins one, you'll instantly charm up your kitchen. 

cute striped fall kitchen towel


3. Pumpkins in various sizes

Gathering faux pumpkins is my favorite way to decorate the house with a mix of some thrifted & new pumpkins that are all different shapes and sizes. Over time, I've collected an assortment of pumpkins from ones I found at Home Goods to thrifted at our local Goodwill and am pleasantly surprised on how it all comes together. How do I decorate these? A few ideas below

  • On the fireplace 
  • Kitchen Table on top of a charcuterie board & faux leaves in a mini bud vase
  • Counter on top of a small-ish charcuterie board with candle 

A few other goodies I'm looking to add to our decor this year are faux candles in various height sizes & garlands! So, whether you have a cozy apartment or home, these ideas are easy enough to transform your space into a fall-loving home and perfect for you! 

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