How to Create an Ideal Day

How to Create an Ideal Day

Hello! I've been personally working on what an ideal day looks like for me and how I go about growing my business while also figuring out a balance to be present and mindful in my everyday life. I feel like these are huge buzz words but I actually mean it. A few things I like to call out is...we all have different schedules, goals, perspective on what an ideal day looks like. This is intended to give you insight on how I am going about creating mine in the current phase of life I'm in (married, no kids yet, dog/cat/chicken mom, sibling, aunt, daughter, friend, business owner). Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Let's get started!

Review Your Week

What do you have going on? What meetings, appointments, meetups, etc. do you have already scheduled? Take note of those and write them down in your calendar. No week is ever the same so writing this down in your calendar helps you see what you have going on so you can create a day with awareness. I like to write my week out on Sunday's with the Weekly Planner here

Creating a morning routine you love & look forward to. Ask yourself these questions - 

  • Am I a morning person?
  • Do I want to become a morning person?
  • How is my energy in the morning? 
  • How can I make some time to take care of myself first in the AM? 


I am a morning person and I do like to get up around 6ish to start my day. It is not always *perfect* but I like to start with a morning journal session (inspired by The Artists Way), a 5-10 min Peloton meditation and most recently a morning walk outside / workout. I notice that when I prioritize myself and day goals in the morning, I am happier, focused & intentional throughout the day. 

If you want to become a morning person, here are my suggestions that may help: 

  • Download the Rise App, it tracks your sleep & helps you see what your energy levels are throughout the day 
  • Get enough sleep! I didn't appreciate rest until I was in my 30's. I wake up less groggy when I'm getting enough sleep each night. Create a bedtime schedule so your body begins to get used to winding down at a certain time. I normally am in bed around 9:30p/10p. 
  • Have your alarm sound be GENTLE - waking up with soft sounds is much more appealing and less alarming than an alarm clock shocking you awake, at least IMO. 

How to plan the rest of your day

I like to note that since I work for myself, I do have the flexibility in creating my work day and what time I begin my day. In general, a few things I like to keep in mind are 4 buckets that are focus time for personal, work, home/family, joy. It is SO easy to opt out finding time for your physical & mental health AND finding joy in hobbies for yourself. Coming from a corporate background, I have struggled in letting go of the 9-5 mentality, that my hours NEED to be FILLED with work/productivity or else I'm not a "real" business owner. I've been working on finding balance between building a sustainable, JOYFUL, business and life.

Here is a SAMPLE schedule for my "ideal" day

6am-8am: Personal Time 

8am-9am: Breakfast w/ T 

9am-10am: Reset home 

10:30am-3:30/4ish: Work (I theme my days) 

4pm-7pm: Family/Home 

7pm-8pm: Joy (I like to paint at night) 

This is how I am going about creating an idea day. Making sure I take care of myself first thing then focus on what is going on. A great quote I recently read from Jen Sincero was "You're not a selfish person for taking care of yourself, just a happier one." I believe this fully and if you are doubting this, then I think you may like You are a Badass. Create your own "ideal" day and let me know what that looks like! Those buckets can be starting points or you can change theme up based on what is going on in your life. I hope it helps!! 





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