Easy Breakfast Ideas Under 15 Minutes

Easy Breakfast Ideas Under 15 Minutes

I love breakfast! I especially love a good breakfast that doesn't take up a ton of time, minimal cleaning and not a lot of ingredients. I may WFH but I do not want to spend my morning cleaning dishes and rather spend the morning enjoying breakfast with my husband. So with that said, here are my top 3 go-to breakfast ideas anyone can whip up!

avocado toast with eggs on sourdough bread

Avocado Toast with Eggs - I know, how basic can this be but sometimes people forget about the easy options so I'm here to share how I jazz this one up a bit.  

  • What you'll need
    •  1/4 avocado (or however much you want, this is just what I have)
    •  1 piece of sourdough bread 
    •  2 eggs 
    •  1/4 cup ish of mozzarella shredded cheese or some goat cheese 
  • Prep + Cook
    • Toast bread for ~5 minutes (I monitor the toaster so it doesn't fully burn my bread but I like it with some CRUNCH)
    • Have stove on low heat to scramble 2 eggs 
    • While eggs are cooking, lightly add some cheese of your choice
    • While eggs cook, smash avocado and add a dash of salt & pepper
  • Assemble
    • Grab your toast and lay it down on a plate 
    • Place your smashed avocado on your toast and lightly add more salt & pepper if you need 
    • Place cooked scrambled eggs on top of your avocado toast and voila! all done! 

 Apple slices with almond butter and chia seeds

Almond Butter with Apples + (Chia seeds if you want to be *EXTRA*) 

  • What You'll Need
    • 1 slice of sourdough bread 
    • 1 medium sized apple
    • Almond butter 
    • Chia seeds (not necessary but a nice add-on!) 
    • Cinnamon 
  • Prep + Cook
    • Toast bread
    • Slice apples to thin slices (personal preference)
  • Assemble
    • Spread about 1-2 tbsp of almond butter on toast
    • Place sliced apples on toast
    • Sprinkle 1 tsp of Chia seeds and you are DONE!  

avocado toast with mozzarella cheese and basil

Avocado Toast with Sliced Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese + Chia Seeds 

    • What You'll Need
      • Sourdough bread or whole wheat 
      • Avocado (1/4 or however much you want) 
      • Mozzarella 
      • Tomatoes
      • Chia Seeds + Basil 
    • Prep + Cook
      • Toast bread 
      • Smash 1/4 avocado and sprinkle salt + pepper 
      • Slice tomatoes into thin pieces 
      • Slice mozzarella into thin slices
  • Assemble
    • Place toast on bread and spread smashed avocado 
    • Place sliced tomatoes onto avocado 
    • Place mozzarella slices on top of avocado 
    • Sprinkle chia seeds 
    • Sprinkle salt + pepper and you are ALL done! 

OK so how easy are these breakfast toast ideas? If you want to make this for two, just double the ingredients and you should be all set. I often make this for my husband as well during the week and it is SO easy and quick! Let me know which one is your favorite! 

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