Creating a Stress-Less Holiday Week

Creating a Stress-Less Holiday Week

The holidays areee right around the corner-yay! Thanksgiving is THIS week and as someone who is determined to abandon my phone (or only use it for pictures) to be more present with my family, here are some things I plan to do this week to prep for a stress-less kinda holiday season. 

1. Review Your Week 

So what the heck do I want to get done this week before Thursday? I have a brain dump of all the little things popping in my head and write it down and prioritize what I actually need to do and is impactful. I will likely not start my new projects this week but will write it down and come back to it the next week and break it down further into tasks. 

2. Schedule + Plan 

I'm in a peaceful productivity era, where I want to be productive but not in a high-anxiety must be perfect kind of way. For me, this means writing this post (hi!), writing my Sunday Reset & Recharge email to the cozy corner (you can join here), scheduling my pins + IG posts. I know this may sound like a lot to do BUT I have gotten more into a groove of batch working. I cannot post on the fly or I will spend over an hour trying curate a post or reel for minimal engagement. Batch working works for me and I dedicate my Sunday's to doing this so I don't have to during the week. I also no longer focus on IG first but more on writing posts and breaking that down further into marketing it in other areas / ways. 

3. Review What You Have Coming Up

I find it comforting to know what you also have coming up so that when you sit down next week and you're not like "so what do I have to do again...?" Write down any projects, plans, etc. you have so you know where to begin. It'll help jog your memory when Monday comes and feel less panic and stress!

4. Make Time for Friends + Family

RIP Thanksgiving Eve!! This was one of the easiest and fun ways to get together with friends for a lot of my 20's! I'm not in my Thanksgiving Eve time anymore, but that simply means I get together with friends in a different way. This can mean catching up with coffee and a walk, grabbing dinner at a fave restaurant or having some friends over instead. Ask yourself - who have I not seen that I want to? Who do I want to catch up with? What friendships do I want to foster? 

AND even though we spend Thanksgiving Day with our families, this doesn't mean it needs to be the only day. I know not everyone may have strong relationships with their families, but if you do or want to, this is a nice time to spend more time together. Shopping, cooking, baking - anything that feels enjoyable to do.

I hope you found these tips helpful in creating a stress-less and enjoyable holiday week!




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