A Weekend in the Catskills - Where to Go & What to Do

A Weekend in the Catskills - Where to Go & What to Do

If you are looking to go away somewhere close but not too far from NYC or CT, you've likely come across the Hudson Valley or Catskills. We have been going there for the past few years and have done our fair share of exploring the different towns. We most recently visited Livingston Manor, Roscoe and Callicoon in our recent trip. If you're looking for some true small town vibes, non-rowdy bars and a more laid-back environment then here is my take on these towns - starting with Livingston Manor! 

Where to stay: Of course, check out airbnb BUT if you really want a cozy, and welcoming place to stay, I highly recommend The Arnold House (we LOVED it here). Your stay includes breakfast (which is super convenient), there is a bar/tavern right downstairs (definitely recommend the Trout dip - SO good) and plenty of games from classic monopoly to foosball, s'mores and fresh baked cookies daily. They also have a beautiful & warm greenhouse where you can hangout, grab a book and simply chill. The staff is also so nice - as you can tell, I am a big fan of this place and can't wait to go back! The town is about 8 minutes away which brings me to...

Where to eat + shop:

Main Street Farm: A little bit of a grocery store, a little bit of a cafe. We grabbed some snacks and coffee here while we were in Livingston. We got some local ciders and beers here too so they can be your one-stop to grab a few things to take back to wherever you are staying. 

The Katskeller - Pizza! They're known for their pizza but they do offer other food options. IMO I'd go for the pizza + some apps. We didn't have to wait long to be seated since again, it wasn't really the most busiest time to be there. 

Little North - We were only able to grab a bite from their limited menu on Thursdays and not their full menu, but we tried the banh mi sandwich & soup. It was my first time trying banh mi and I enjoyed it - it was fresh which I expected from this place. I definitely do plan to try their weekend menu to really have a better feel of what they offer! 

The Walk In - We grabbed lunch here and coffees which again were food and fresh! My favorite thing about a lot of these shops in town are they do focus on sourcing locally and working with local vendors. This place is actually a coffee shop on one side then the other side converts to a bar at night! We didn't have a chance to check out the bar at night but we plan to the next time we're in town. 

Breweries: There are two main breweries we stopped at which were the Catskills Brewery + Upward Brewery. Both have very different vibes - the Catskills brewery is definitely more relaxed, casual and kind of what you imagine a brewery looking like. Upward Brewery is more of an elevated experience, where the furniture to lighting is pretty chic but it doesn't feel stuffy. If you are looking for food, Upward has more of a menu than Catskills brewery has which I believe has a food truck rotating there. Both offer a range of different beers, so it really depends on your mood + the vibe you are looking for! If you have a PET, Catskills Brewery is pet-friendly where Upward is not. 

DROOZ: SUPER cute. I loved this store because they have a lot of different products that are neatly organized based on what you might be looking for. For example, they have a whole cocktail section (from glasses to cocktail books, etc)  stationery (notebooks, pens, etc) to a pet section, which I ended up getting our sweet pup some treats and myself a super cute bandana I have yet to figure out how to style. 

HOMESTEDT: This store is adorable the second you walk in and honesty if I could give them all my money without a care, I would! A lot of their product is branded which I'm not really a fan of BUT that doesn't mean they don't have other things that are cute and homey. They don't have an extensive product offering like DROOZ, but again the store is very charming and cozy to be in, browse and shop. This shop is probably more on the pricier side but like I said, if I could spend all the money, I would!

Things to keep in mind - the season you are going! Some of the shops + restaurants are closed Monday-Thursday and open up closer to the end of the week. We went mid-March which seems to be more of the "off-season" so if you are looking to go when it is super busy, I'd consider going towards the warmer months. Otherwise, if you want more of a quiet vibe, during the week during the slower months is a great choice. 

So that is MY roundup what we actually did in Livingston Manor, ate and shopped! I'll be sharing what we did in Callicoon and Roscoe next!

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