A Look into the Holiday Collection

The holidays are right around the corner and I wanted to share a little preview of the upcoming holiday launch! Here are a few *new* goodies to look forward to and past holiday's most loved items!

Greeting Cards 

6 new holiday greeting cards are coming! This is a quick sneak into one of the newest greeting card designs. Inspired by our first Christmas at home with a *real* fireplace, I wanted to tap into the excitement of celebrating Christmas here and also the spirit of the holidays across so many others. 

This is 1 of 6 new designs and you will have the option to purchase a boxed and variety set. 


Wrapping Paper 

Wrapping paper is making a come back! Wrapping paper was one of the best sellers last year and this year a few most loved designs will be coming back along with NEW ones. This colorful pink ornaments one is a fun take on the holidays and a colorful way to bring in holiday cheer!



Holiday Gift Tags + Christmas Sticker Sheets 

Add the finishing touch of holiday gifting with the new holiday gift tags and sticker sheets! These will be a matching with the wrapping paper to make sure it all looks perfect together. 


Holiday Kitchen Towels 

If you caught the launch of my fall kitchen towels, you know how much I encourage and believe that adding a few updates to your kitchen can be as simple as swapping out your kitchen towels. 

I am so excited to share the newest holiday greeting cards, gift tags, gift wrap and more that are coming. If you want to stay in the loop, please join my email list to get all the updates! 

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