5 Ways to Make the Most of the end of Summer

5 Ways to Make the Most of the end of Summer

It's the first day of school today in many areas, and if those childhood memories come to mind that summer is over once school begins, I've got some ways for you to beach those summer blues. To make the most of these longer sunny days while they last, here are some ideas to enjoy them while they are here: 

1. Enjoy dinner outside

Embrace the longer sunny days with a dinner outside - whether at your favorite restaurant, local park or beach. If you're heading to the beach or park, grab a blanket, some beach chairs and order from your favorite restaurant to-go and dine right outside where you love being the most. Grab a bottle of wine (if you're 21+) and even enjoy a class out (of course, follow rules as best as you can!). One of my favorite apps to have to jazz thing up a bit, is to create my own charcuterie board because, well I do love cheese. 

2. Early morning walks 

Waking up for a morning walk hits differently when the sun is out vs. when the sky is still completely dark and you want to stay snuggled in bed. Enjoy the morning sun with more morning walks outside - whether they are long or short, it's a great way to start your day and get some Vitamin D. 

3. Enjoy your local movie in the park (or beach) night

Where I live, there are many local movie nights in the park during the week and it's a great idea to enjoy a film whether it's old or new, support a local restaurant that is providing food + drinks and enjoy the summer warm air.  

4. Grab happy hour with friends 

Enjoying happy hour during the summer is way more fun than enjoying happy hour after work in the winter! Besides the warmer weather, there is just a sense of happiness all around with the sun out and if you feel like you haven't had a chance to grab happy hour with friends much this summer, this is your cue you should! 

5. Enjoy being outside as much as possible

Whether it is a full weekend outside or a day off during the week, try to make the most of the warmer days. Where I live, we're having consecutive days of warm weather, which I'm secretly kind of over but also know the summer days are dwindling. If you have trouble stepping away from your home office, try to schedule in short mini breaks in your calendar for brief breaks in the sun. I know not everyone has the ability to take a day here or there, but wherever you can squeeze in some time outside will do great things for you. 


I hope these ideas inspire you to schedule a day with friends or yourself and more walks outside. Enjoy the rest of summer safely!

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