3 Essentials to Make Your Home Cozy this Fall

3 Essentials to Make Your Home Cozy this Fall

Well, it's a big dreary over here over in the East Coast and one thing you may know is that we love fall over here at JJ Paperie & Co. If you are new to the fall is favorite fan club, here are 3 essentials I recommend to get into the fall spirit! 

1) Candles 

Yes, candles! To create that cozy fall aesthetic, I would recommend heading to your local gift shop or even TJ Maxx (I know not every town has an adorable store to shop local) and grab your favorite smelling candle. Whether that's apple pie flavored, pumpkin, etc. We recently released two candles -- Vanilla right here and Cinnamon chai here. While I do love a dessert-filled home, it's also nice to have one that is sublet yet sweet and not over-powering which is why I picked each scent.

 black chic candle from jj paperie & co, sitting in front of fire place for cozy fall aesthetic


2) Fleece Blankets 

A cozy warm blanket is always a must - for a more minimalist vibe, you can head to your local Target and find one from Studio Mcgee OR pick a very seasonal themed one like our new cozy velveteen blanket here. This is a fan favorite in our house and between myself, husband and our pet-children, Luna (our independent) cat loves it the most - constantly making biscuits (IYKYK). 

cozy mug and blanket together on couch


3) A Seasonally Fun Mug 

OK, so those who are more on the minimalist side when it comes to home decor, I'm a big fan of incorporating some pops of color when it comes to the changing of seasons. It's an easy and fun way to get a little playful and one of them is also with something you likely will use every day and that is a coffee mug. Our NEW Pumpkin Patch coffee mugs are not only super cute but also very practical and instantly delight to start your day. 

cute pumpkin coffee mug on kitchen counter

So there are your 3 essentials to create a cozy home that you can easily add to your home and instantly add those fall vibes and cozy aesthetics in a pinch. 

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