How to decide on the best kitchen towel

How to decide on the best kitchen towel

Woo! If you're here, it's because you're curious about the difference between kitchen towel vs tea towel vs hand towel. Trust me, when making these products, I went through several samples to really figure out what was the difference, was there a major difference and maybe each one just served their own purpose!

This guide here is in reference to the options I am providing! 

Kitchen Towel 

  • More absorbent, includes microfiber material so definitely perfect to dry dishes and your hands 
  • Dries quickly 

Tea Towel 

  • Less absorbent, made from organic cotton hemp and is more sturdy material
  • Can be used a few other ways - as placements, linens in the kitchen cabinets and to cover any hot dishes
  • Still an option to dry your hands and dishes quickly but less absorbent compared to the kitchen and hand towel
  • Great as a serving accessory 

Hand Towel 

  • This is super soft and has more of a luxe feel to it. While soft still great to dry hands and dishes. 
  • If you want more of hand towel, this is a great option! It also looks more like a hand towel that can be used in the kitchen or in a guest bathroom. 


Whether you love to cook or not so much, grab one of the latest kitchen essentials, listen to the newest JJ Paperie & Co playlist and have fun! 

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