Tips on Staying Positive as an Entrepreneur

Tips on Staying Positive as an Entrepreneur

Tips on Staying Positive as an Entrepreneur

Owning a small business can be one of the most satisfying things for someone. However, it can also be incredibly exhausting and filled with imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

In running my own business, I have also struggled with those two and can say the way I got through those negative thoughts was by changing my mindset. How do you do that? It definitely takes time & practice but here are a few tips in staying positive in building your small business.


Celebrate All Your Wins, No Matter How Small

  • Always celebrate your wins, no matter how small. Whether it’s that order for one item or purchasing something that will help your business move along, celebrate it. We often feel like our worth is tied to our biggest accomplishments and those are the only ones worth celebrating. In my opinion, thinking that way only allows you to celebrate what others would say is worth it and not allowing you to celebrate the small ones along the way.

Rephrase Those Negative Thoughts To Positive

  • This one takes time and often practice. Instead of saying “I will never be able to draw a circle” change it to something like “I’m going to draw often so I can create a circle.” I am also getting better at this and it took me a bit of time to adjust any negative thoughts that came into my head but adjusting how you speak to yourself will truly change your outlook on your work, business and self.

Keep Your Blinders Up

  • This one is for those that struggle with imposter syndrome. I didn’t know what it was until I changed my career in my late 20’s to an industry I literally knew nothing about. While Instagram is a great tool to connect and market yourself, I often struggled with believing my work would ever be good enough compared to those I’d see create beautiful work across my feed. A few things to keep in mind when that happens -

    • Don’t compare yourself to those that have been creating for years. They likely spent a lot of time and practice to get to where they are today - it’s not an overnight thing!

    • Focus on your work + progress. Are you practicing enough to get you to the level you want to be at? Are you learning new techniques that you enjoy? Scrolling on social will only get you so far and you are better off using that time on refining your skills!

Focus On Your Strengths

  • Early on in my business, I felt like I had to learn how to do everything. From watercolor to offering various styles of calligraphy, I wanted to learn it all. While I do offer a few a range of services between engraving & calligraphy for events + workshops and stationery products, I also decided those were the areas that excited me the most and tied well together. How do you determine what your strengths are? Do a project yourself and see if you enjoy doing it. Can you do this several times for clients? Do you like creating for yourself or for others? Once you have tried this a few times you will notice what your areas of interest are and those will become your strengths.


While I could write so much more on this topic, I am breaking it down into mini posts for you to enjoy reading. I hope this helps you when you are feeling any self-doubt in your business. Stay positive is so helpful & if you’re able to keep your head in the right space, you will achieve so much!

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