Tools + More

Here is a list of current goodies I love that I think you will too!

Please note: There are some affiliate included and I will earn a percentage of sales from your purchase! There is no additional charge to you. 


Skillshare: If there is one investment I think is really worth every penny, it is Skillshare. It has a number of classes across a variety of topics & fields. Sign up here for 1 month FREE! 

Luxury Lettering: If you are curious about on-site events, then you will want to check out this course. I initially signed up for the Luxury Lettering Calligraphy course and they now offer one for Engraving as well. This class is great to learn how to get started, discovered and what to bring on-site. 

Eco-Friendly Packaing via noissue: I recently upgraded my branded tissue to noissue and you can check them out right here. Definitely take a look at what they offer + decide what suits best for your business! 


Tools + Mores