5 Biz Creative Podcasts to Get You Motivated

5 Biz Creative Podcasts to Get You Motivated

Hi friends - so let’s get to the point! I’m a huge fan of creative biz podcasts and have been listening to them way more during quarantine to keep the inspiration and motivation going. I have gone down numerous rabbit holes in finding the “best podcast for creatives” and I learned very quickly that going to iTunes’ library of podcast would give me more results than I needed. So, after browsing around and going to Instagram, I’ve narrowed down to my top 5 creative business podcasts that I personally love and subscribe to. These are in no specific order and I’ve shared a little blurb on each just to give you a little background and if they may be the right fit for you!


  • The Jenna Rainey Show by Jenna Rainey

    • To be honest, she covers A LOT, I mean a lot so it’s hard to narrow down just one thing. From sharing her creative journey, in getting setup as a business, how to schedule your content calendar, learning about licensing and beyond, you’ll learn a lot from her podcast. I would also check out her IG and Youtube channel. She is the first artist educator I learned from and fan-girl over because she gives such great (free) content. Her classes that you have to pay for are also A+ - I have Pen to Press!

  • Biz Birthday Bash

    • I started following Elisabeth in early 2019 before I started my own business and when she mentioned she was teaming up with Cami Monet in creating a podcast, I knew I had to listen. These girls do share tons of information from sharing their biggest mistakes to pricing your work and everything in between. They also have the A-Z directory* which is a library of vendors for a variety of things (paper goods, invitations, products, etc). I hesitated in investing in that part until this year because I figured I could google and do my own research, but once you start remembering time is money - you rather just have a go-to resource that is constantly updated & a time saver.

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  •  Hobby to Business 

    • This one is another goodie that is hosted by Shelly Kim and Emma Witte. They have a more relaxed and conversational approach into discussing business in terms of how you can DIY a few things before investing in certain programs, equipment, setting goals, finding clients and so much more. S2 just came out this year is primarily focused on products! Basically taking you from the beginning through - highly recommend checking this podcast out from the season one.

  •  The Modern Creative 

    • This is one of the first podcasts I listened to about starting your creative business hosted by Joyce Christine and Dinuh. They bring in a lot of guest speakers to give their audience a better perspective on certain topics and all around share steps on pursuing your creative dreams. Definitely recommend!

  •  Tipy Business Podcast

    • I love this podcast with Carley Zuercher because she makes it super fun & as if you are sitting with her in your living room having a glass of wine and chatting business. She also has a more mindful approach and that we can achieve our goals with a better mindset. She is my go-to for all things related to Etsy and Pinterest. She covers a lot of other topics (getting clients, how to create a business that feels good and so much more. No BS here!

So, there you have it! These are my favorite creative business podcasts that have helped me in navigating my own journey. These are perfect for small businesses and even ones that have a team (most of them also talk about hiring + outsourcing too!).

Hope that helps you in finding support & advice for your own creative business!



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